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Nikola Tesla  | His Biggest Secret

They tried to ban him from the history books and portrayed him as a 'crazy scientist' ... yet,  he's responsible for the biggest breakthroughs in electricity of the 20th century. This genius was  Nikola Tesla - the man who discovered 'alternating current' (or ac) and revolutionized modern physics. Very few people knew that  Nikola Tesla  had a wonderful and big dream  to bring  free electricity  into every single home and nearly succeeded,  but Big Establishment (which included JP Morgan and John D. Rockefeller) decided that his invention was a threat.  And, a few days after he made his invention public,  BIG Establishment   turned off the money funding... and Tesla was unable to pursue his dream.  Even minutes after his death, most of his important blueprints "vanished"...  never to be seen again for nearly 90 years!
Apparently, some of the original Tesla blueprints were leaked from government files... ending up in the hands of a crack team of "underground" scientists. These white coats didn't keep Tesla's invention for themselves... instead,  they blew the whistle, so that anyone can benefit from it!
  Tesla Blueprint   is about Tesla's technology. .

Some people knew who Nikola Tesla was...but hadn't heard about his "fuel-less generator", aptly called the Tesla Free Energy Generator,  nor about the government suppression of his invention, were shocked to hear about Tesla's  Free energy generator for the first time. Others didn't even know who Tesla was. And, it makes perfect sense: even if he discovered Alternative Current,  and virtually all electric devices use at least one of his patents... his name is pretty hard to find, even in school textbooks.  

                 NikolaTesla    |  Genius Inventor 


It's an outrage: when Nikola Tesla was alive, Big Energy did everything they could to shut down his financing and kill his research. Yet they couldn't stop there.  Minutes after he died poor in a dirty hotel room, Tesla's more "sensitive" papers vanished... and his name was forgotten for almost 90 years. That's why it's imperative that you know more about the Tesla technology now! It's the ultimate revenge against the corrupt corporate "fat cats" who won't stop at anything to keep everyone "energy slaves" for life. Nikola Tesla found a simple way to turn cosmic radiation into free energy to power-up any electrical and electronic device.  It was easy to use in the '30s... but now it's even easier to build, even if you've never used a soldering iron before!   In fact, you can make your own generator and get free energy by the end of the week... with no DIY experience whatsoever. That's because free energy generator  is  finally out in the open - and you can use them to get entirely off the grid.     


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Nikola Tesla Secret